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mCELL 5G, 4G & Android 6

Wor(l)d aim to become the first global network made and owned by people to provide accessible connectivity and communication to all individuals globally.





The Latest Version
A custom version of Google's mobile OS.

We've seen material design roll-out across Google's homegrown apps so there's a wonderful consistency, along with continued releases of individual aspects of Android (Calendar, Messenger, etc), meaning easy updates and the latest features.

Infolio Space SmartPhone

Communication revolution

The Space Phone 5G is the first Smartphone that supports our mCell 5G Network. It works with the mCell 5G Sim Card, which supports multiple networks, and a state-of-the-art cellular radio tuned to work across network types that is able to use our proprietary LTE-U5G protocol.
Infolio Phone is the only smartphone that uses our mCell 5G technology to offer you a technology that select automatically the right network for you, combining all the signals currently available in an unique and personal signal. ~4x more capacity and coverage.

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mCell 5G Network

What is unique about mCell 5G's network?

What Makes The mCell 5G Network Unique,  is a break-through technology developed by WOR(l)D, Called mCell 5G,  mCell5G uses the LTE 4G technology shifted onto the 5Ghz Spectrum, offering the opportunity to deploy an mCell5G network in any place in the world thanks to the 5Ghz free (ISM) spectrum used today by any WiFi network. At the same time it offers a faster, more reliable, and more secure Wireless connection than traditional 4G LTE networks. mCell 5G Technology on the WOR(l)D Smartphone puts you on the best available network between 3G, 4G, WiFi and mCell 5G Networks. This means you get access to more networks in more places.

5G Network

Mobile Network of Future

When SpacePhone 5G connects to any mCell 5G network or an approved WiFi network, it will automatically switch the connection and communication to our platform, generating revenues for us instead of going to the leading operators. These revenues will be shared with all community members who contribute by installing SpaceStations around the globe.

The more SpaceStations you install, the more money you save and the more money you continue to earn on your connection, your communication and the communications of the global Space community.

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Infolio Phones

Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint scanner for securing your Infolio mobile phone under biometric lock and key.

Dual Flash 20Mpx Camera

Capture any memory at a moment's notice in high definition with ultra-bright flash.

5.5" Super Amoled LCD

AMOLED stands for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, think of this as a beautiful colourful screen.

Thin & Lightweight

The Infolio mobile smartphone is the lightest and strongest smartphone available to date.

Made with Love

Designed by Antonio De Rosa and milled from a single aluminium block.


USB-C a digital connection, ensuring high sound quality, but it can multitask too.

A business opportunity

We estimate that in the first stage of the Project Your Network will be a minimum of 40% of the Offload from the leading network operators to our mCell 5GHz network, this will generate 20% in savings on the OneWorldPlan monthly service, and 20% as revenue to share with all the Project, your Network participants at Executive Consultant level. The goal for the Project is to reach up to 60% of Offload.

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